Four Guns, Three Cars: Thieves Strike Big in Small-town Tennessee

This week has already been a busy one for several thieves in Barlett, Tennessee. Three different cars were broken into and four guns are still missing. One of the victims shared his story with the local WREG News anonymously. He explained that he, “did not want to be identified because the crook or crooks are still out there.”

The victim told reporters that upon discovering the missing guns, “My stomach dropped. My heart sank.” He recalled the exact moment that the blanket he had used to cover the handle of the gun was on the seat. “I walked out my garage door, and one of my bullets was on the ground. The worst thing that can happen is for your gun to be missing and somebody possibly get hurt with your weapon.”

His concerns are certainly serious—and he’s not the only one worried. Police reports show that all three of the cars that were broken into were parked at home. All of the victims thought the neighborhood they called home was a safe place. As of July, the local Barlett Police force has had 17 reports of car break-ins that involved at least one stolen firearm.

The first line of defense for all car owners is making sure the vehicle is locked, but for gun owners, the need for security is greater. Thieves are increasingly targeting cars as a prime hunting ground for guns, and while an unlocked car is exceptionally susceptible, even a locked door won’t deter a thief these days.

The anonymous gun owner’s blanket did not work. Merely covering up the gun in his car was simply not enough protection from the prying eyes—and hands—of a burglar. Don’t be a victim of theft—use your blankets to stay warm, not for security. The Crushable Vault is the sportsman and collector’s answer to mobile gun security. We recognized the need to avoid attracting unwanted attention while on the go, and designed the Crushable Vault to provide unparalleled security and stylish subtlety for your shotguns while traveling. Learn more about the Crushable Vault by visiting our webpage here.






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