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Crushable Vault Featured in Shooting Sportsman

Crushable Vault

This might be the smartest solution for securing firearms in vehicles or hotel rooms while traveling. Sure, a lockable hard case holds a gun secure inside of it, but a case sitting in your car’s backseat does little to discourage a smash-and-grab type of robbery. The soft-sided Crushable Vault is designed to both disguise a gun case and lock it in place via a wisely designed network of cables. The ballistic-nylon/recycled-synthetic shell material hides what the company calls a “flexible cage.” This web of three 10mm cable locks cinches tightly around the sides and top of most of the hard gun cases on the market. A hidden internal lock protruding from the bottom of the Vault secures the bag to a tie-down point in the vehicle, while an additional external cable lock can be deployed for yet another layer of security. I like the fact the nylon cover gives no indication of what might be inside. For all a thief knows, it might just be a back of clothes or sports equipment. Should an attempt still be made to get inside, the would-be thief would have to overcome several levels of stout security just to get to the cases. Dimensions: 12″(w) x 12″(h) x 38″(l). Price: $798 $548. Crushable Vault, 888-608-1066;