Marty Fischer’s Wing & Clay Nation Radio

Creators of the Crushable Vault® – Brian Booth and Christopher Merritt

Special Guest: Crushable Vault’s Christopher Merritt

This week Marty welcomes two great guests to the show to discuss traveling with your guns. Brian Booth and Christopher Merritt from Stack Arms, manufacturers of the Crushable Vault firearm safety system will get in-depth on how you can protect not only your firearms but ammunition and other valuables while traveling to hunt or shoot. All hunters and shooters live with the fear of having their guns stolen from their vehicle or hotel room while traveling away from home. This show will provide you with some great insight on how to travel with your guns and ammo worry-free. In addition to the Crushable Vault guys, Marty will have the latest news from the Wing and Clay Industry and will bring you up to speed on great upcoming events of interest to hunters and competitive shooters.