Don’t be a Theft Victim: Invest in Secure Shotgun Storage

Theft can happen to anyone, anywhere in the world. When you travel abroad, you’re advised to keep your valuables on your person at all times. You worry about whether or not expensive belongings from your checked bag will be there when you gather your suitcases from the baggage claim at your destination. You worry about whether or not the valet will steal something from your car. In hotels and resorts, you worry about leaving things behind in your room if there is no safe. It’s not a matter of paranoia, it is a testament to the ubiquity of theft.

Shotgun owners are not immune to the risk of theft just because they are armed. In fact, their exposure to risk is exponentially higher. If you are traveling with your shotguns, taking measures to safeguard your belongings and avoiding theft is imperative.

Recently, police in Calgary expressed mounting concerns about an increasing number of shootings. The guns used in violent crimes are a direct result of a “dramatic” increase in the number of guns stolen during breaks ins. Thieves today are ditching the stash of jewelry and abandoning the thought of walking away with your portable electronic devices. Instead, burglars make a beeline for gun cabinets, where rightful owners keep lawfully obtained and properly stored guns. Once stolen, the guns have their serial numbers filed off and are sold on the black market.

Calgary Police explained that, “these thieves are brazen. They’ll go into a house and they’ll see a gun safe, and they’ll attack it because they know guns are in there. Gone are the days of stealing TVs and DVD players, they’ll go right for the guns.” Agency spokesman Mike Tucker added that, “Our criminal intelligence division has identified firearms stolen in break and enters as one of the most significant crime trends.” Guns stolen from cars are also one of the most widely reported losses from break-ins.

Taking preventative measures to secure your guns from even the most determined thief is a hallmark of being a responsible sportsman and gun owner. Guns are valuable objects—sometimes, irreplaceable family heirlooms—and it can be a crushing loss if they are stolen. If cities in notoriously peaceful Canada are reporting gun theft in high numbers, than the problem is most certainly legitimate and widespread.

There is a theft solution for the avid sportsman and hunter though: a security option that was designed by shooters for shooters. The crushable vault is an innovative way for shotgun owners to properly protect and secure their guns while on the go. You can rest assured that your guns will still be where you left them when you return to your car. The design is stylish and clean, meaning an untrained eye will have no idea what the contents are in your Crushable Vault. Furthermore, an “Integrated Cable Locking System” fastens down around your gun case(s) and the adjustable cable locks are run through the sewn-in tunnel system. Even if the fabric surrounding the Vault is shredded beyond recognition, the integrity of the Vault remains entirely in tact. A thief who shreds the entire outer shell will only encounter the cables, without being able to remove the cases. In fact, the Crushable Vault’s design is so secure, each registered Vault comes with a $10,000 guarantee. If you want to travel with your shotguns securely and easily, investing in a Crushable Vault is an innovative way to guarantee your belongings and peace of mind.


Police report 'dramatic' increase in guns stolen in break-and-enters

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