NSSA-NSCA Member Turned Theft Victim

John Fowler, a California member of the National Skeet Shooting Association and National Sporting Clays Association has fallen victim to theft. A Krieghoff vest  and two guns were stolen from his vehicle, parked outside a restaurant in Upland, California on September 7th at roughly 8:44m.

Reports state that the first gun is a beautiful, “custom made Krieghoff K-80 over/under, 12 gauge Super Standard Sporter with JS Aircushion custom stock and Mueller chokes in a green case. The serial number is 10075.”

The second gun reported stolen, “is a Beretta 390 semiauto Gold Sporting in 12 gauge with IC Comp-n-Choke in the barrel. It has a wooden stock and forend with some damage to the wood. It is also in a green case.”

What was surely a great day of shooting was quickly ruined for John Fowler. Few things can effectively stop a determined thief—especially when they suspect your car has lucrative guns inside. This is why we created the Crushable Vault: a stylish, subtle, and effective option for sportsmen and shooters. The Crushable Vault’s innovative technology insures your guns’ security and your peace of mind. A beautiful, custom made shotgun like John Fowler’s missing Krieghoff or Beretta 390 is a huge loss for any gun owner, and it’s far easier to prevent theft with a Crushable Vault than replace lost firearms.


Pictures and additional information about the missing firearms can be found by visiting this site

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