The Crushable Vault: Security Beyond the Road

Shooters know that traveling for the hunt is part of the adventure. Exploring new places, finding new game, and escaping the doldrums of work make a hunting or shooting trip a respite from reality. Naturally, you bring along your shotguns for the experience—the trip isn’t exactly the same without them. But just because you’re on a shooting vacation doesn’t mean thieves took a holiday too. The sad reality for anyone going on vacation is that hotel rooms are a prime opportunity for theft. In fact, hotel thefts are undoubtedly common, but statistics are widely misreported. According to, “a 2009 USA Today investigation: The fact is that nobody knows how much crime is committed in hotels vs. elsewhere. Police don’t keep statistics on that, and no hotel companies responded to USA TODAY’s requests for crime data. However, hotel security experts such as Farina estimate that at least one crime may occur daily in a big-city hotel. And they say, most are thefts.” We know that our electronics and jewelry are likely targets of theft—especially in a hotel room—but for shooters on the road, our guns are even more valuable. We take precautions with topnotch vaults at home and should maintain that level of security on the road. We repeatedly document episodes of guns stolen from cars—seen here and here for example—but what about our hotel rooms? The Crushable Vault is a proven method for preventing theft on the road, and the same innovative technology is just as effective in your hotel room as in your vehicle. Removing the vault from your car takes seconds and re-securing it in your room is just as effortless. Make sure you’re the only successful hunter on your vacation—let the Crushable Vault keep your shotguns safe and secure on all your adventures.