Features & Benefits

The Flexible Cage – Our Internal Locking System

The Crushable Vault® looks like a quality piece of luggage and outsiders have little idea as to its contents. Its design provides privacy and security.

  1. If someone were to get inside the Vault, they would encounter the Security Cover encased by the Flexible Cage. This is an Integrated Cable Locking System that is synched down around your gun case(s). The adjustable cable locks depicted are run through the sewn-in tunnel systems that are built into the sides and bottom of the Vault. The Flexible Cage consists of two 10 mm adjustable cable locks that run from the top of the Vault around the sides of the unit, through the bottom and back up to the top. These cable locks are synched down tightly around the gun cases and then locked from the top.
  1. A third 10 mm cable lock is run from the top, lengthways around the Vault and locked on top.

It’s all about security. The fabric can be shredded without affecting the integrity of the Vault. If the Vault fabric is cut, the thief will hit one of these cables and still be unable to remove the cases.

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Secure The Crushable Vault® To Your Vehicle

The versatility to secure this Vault to any fixed point makes this a pleasure to travel with. Shown here is The Interlocking Cable System – the outside cable locks run from the outside of the Vault through the tie-down slots, through the long cable lock and through a second tie-down point as a fail-safe.

Each Vault comes with this additional 10 mm four-foot lock that will allow the user to connect to various fixed points, whether it is a tie-down point in your vehicle or any fixed object in a hotel room.

The Vault can be secured in multiple ways, and this will enable the user to confidently secure the Vault in virtually every vehicle or hotel room, so you can travel with your guns with confidence. Bring your finest guns with you – they will be waiting for you when you return!

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Internal Tie-Down Locking Mechanism

Security is built into every aspect of the Vault.

This is a unique, convenient feature of the Crushable Vault®. It utilizes the existing cargo area tie-down points in SUVs and pickups to lock down the Vault from the inside.

Since the Vault is covering the tie-down, a thief cannot access it and pry it open. This is much more secure than having this tie-down point exposed.

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Design Elements – Each design element, materials, and construction choice was  based on over 30 years of experience in building quality sporting luggage. Crushable Vault® is the result of the collective hard work of experienced sporting industry professionals and a proven, quality US hard goods craftsman and manufacturer.

Fabric Selection

The Crushable Vault® is constructed using a multilayer fabric system created for durability and enhanced security. We use a super- strong(1,680-denier) ballistic nylon base fabric that is stitched to a high-performance synthetic shell fabric (100% recycled acrylic). Features of the shell fabric include durable waterproof repellency, 100% UV protection from fading or cracking, mold- and mildew-resistant protection, and easy care/washing. This fabric combination of the ballistic nylon liner and a highly functional synthetic shell produces a durable “vault” product that delivers high performance and superior functionality.

High-Quality Zipper Lock – The purpose of a Zipper Lock is to help keep the contents of the Vault private. This should be enough to deter curious kids and most opportunistic thieves.

Dimensions: The Crushable Vault® looks like a quality piece of luggage and outsiders have little idea as to its contents. It is designed to securely & discreetly hold one or two shotgun takedown cases.  Vault Dimensions:  12” x 12” x 38” long.

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Security Cover

If someone were to break through the Vault’s zipper lock, the first thing they would see would be its Security Cover. This cover:

  1. Keeps the contents of the Vault private.
  2. Locks the cables securely in place.
  3. Offers a higher level of security.

Conveniently allows the owner to secure one or two shotgun cases in the Vault without issue.

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