Thieves Go Hunting Too

Avid shooters and hunters have a passion for fine shotguns. A quality gun—whether it’s a new, bespoke shotgun or a family heirloom passed down through generations—is an integral part of the hunting or shooting experience.  Finding a gun you love shooting is an investment in your sport, and protecting that investment is as important as the shotgun itself.

As a sportsman, it is important to safeguard your shotgun when you leave the house. Some of the finest shotguns in the world take hundreds and hundreds of hours to produce while an inherited gun has generations of history behind the barrel. These shotguns are not only functional and necessary for sportsmen, but in many ways they can be irreplaceable. Taking precautions to prevent scratches or dents during the commute is one battle, but preventing theft is equally important.

The grim reality for sportsmen and shooters is that insulating yourself from theft is increasingly difficult. While state of the art vaults are popular for the home, travel offers a whole new range of opportunities for thieves. In fact, gun theft from vehicles is so widespread that major cities are trying every method possible to educate gun-owners.  For example, in Jacksonville, Florida, gun thefts from cars are so common that police have tried using social media to convince people to just leave their guns at home. The Jacksonville Sheriff explained, “It’s a big issue, Criminals are just going car-hopping, looking for unlocked doors or people who are leaving their guns in their cars.”

Many hunters and shooters already have a gun case and may assume that they are safe from theft, but your valuable shotgun deserves the best protection possible. Taking measures to secure your guns from the time they leave your vault at home to the moment they return will protect your investment and provide peace of mind.

 For example: The prized shotgun used by an Olympic champion to win four medals has been stolen from her truck, authorities said.

 Riverside County sheriff’s detectives are searching for a pair of thieves who broke into Olympic gold medalist Kim Rhode’s pickup Thursday.

Rhode was shopping for her wedding at a Lake Elsinore outlet center about 1 p.m. when the theft occurred, said Deputy Herlinda Valenzuela. When Rhode returned to the parking lot about 2:30 p.m., she discovered that one of the truck’s windows was shattered and her shotgun, locked in a case, had been taken from the back seat, Valenzuela said.

 “There’s just no words to describe what the gun means to me,” Rhode tearfully told television reporters Thursday night at the crime scene.

 Rhode, 29, used the 12-gauge shotgun in each of the previous four Summer Olympics, earning two gold medals, a bronze and a silver while competing in double trap and skeet shooting.

 Rhode told KTLA-TV Channel 5 that the thieves did not take anything else from her truck.

 “They just went straight for the gun,” she said.

 Sportsmen and shooters developed the Crushable Vault with their fellow enthusiasts in mind. Ordinary gun cases provided satisfactory protection from dents and scratches during the commute, but still left guns unsecured during the journey. The Crushable Vault’s design offers incomparable security and protection, which means you can travel with even your finest shotgun worry free. The Crushable Vault’s appearance is simple and timeless—it looks like a quality piece of luggage. The stylish exterior gives shooters and sportsmen the ability to transport shotguns incognito, which is an important part of protecting guns. Studies show that cars, not shops or homes, are the paramount targets for thieves looking to steal guns. The Crushable Vault’s design provides privacy up front, and security underneath the stylish exterior.

If the worst does happen, and a thief decides to break into your car to get a look at the Crushable Vault up close, they would have to break through its zipper lock and shred the exterior to even gain access to the next layer of security. If the outside of the case is compromised, your guns are still well protected.  The thief would encounter the security cover encased by the flexible cage. This integrated locking system synches down around your gun cases. A trio of 10mm adjustable cable locks throughout the flexible cage keep your gun cases locked from the top.

A beautiful and valuable shotgun makes hunting or shooting trips all the more enjoyable for the sportsman. Being able to take your prized possession on the road, with no fear of theft or damage, enables you to focus on enjoying your sport, not worrying about the details. It is a lot easier to replace the fabric on the Crushable Vault than a family heirloom or custom rifle. An investment in the Crushable Vault is an investment in your shotgun, your sport, and your peace of mind.